Quikgrip®, PFA
Tee Union

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Part NumberO.D. Tube SizeOrificeDimensionsHexQuantity 
UT4GN-11/4"4.8 mm68.8 mm34.5 mm34.5 mm1/2"
UT6GN-13/8"7.6 mm84.1 mm42.2 mm42.2 mm11/16"
UT8GN-11/2"10.9 mm88.1 mm44.2 mm44.2 mm13/16"
UT12GN-13/4"17.5 mm107.2 mm53.6 mm53.6 mm1 1/16"

Quikgrip® PFA Nut Assembly (Includes Nut, Ferrule and Gripper)

Quikgrip® Tube Fittings and Technical Information
Quikgrip® Tube Fittings Assembly Procedure
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